Fog Cutter. Headache Eliminator. Value Amplifier.

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A Creative Marketing Strategist who can develop your business. I am a:

  • Fog Cutter. I cut through the ‘fog of business’ with a proven method for clear, confident decisions that create forward momentum.
  • Headache Eliminator. I develop and execute processes which downsize problems.
  • Value Amplifier. I help people who have a need, to know, like and trust you.

I am unique in that I possess a high degree of creativity, yet have strong analytic and process design aptitudes. In other words, I am not a creative-flake or a dull-number-cruncher, which makes me all the more fun and beneficial to have around.

I have strong communication skills with rich experience in writing, speaking, and social media.

Contact info on resume. Also available on LinkedIn.

Marketing. Process Design. Business Development.