Lovestory: A Pursuing Husband (Sermon)

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Because everyone needs someone to love them when they are most unlovable. Some have blown it in life and thought, “I am such a disappointment to everyone who knows me.” Some have defiantly walked away from love rejecting the open arms of God who call us back to relationship. Some have given up, feeling unworthy to ever receive love again. Come find hope and restoration in the amazing love story of a man named Hosea.

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What Clangs In My Head

Welcome to what clangs around in my head. As a thinker and teacher, not all my thoughts and reflections have a platform of expression. This is a place to get them into the light of day where they can become uncluttered, critiqued, and developed into useful ideas.  Some might find the topics here a little eclectic for their tastes. Others might think, “I am not the only one who thinks in such a crazed manner.”  Whatever my thoughts, I will strive to write with a tone of love and respect, even when critiquing,  so that I don’t become another cymbal clanging out meaningless communication in an already noisy world (I Corinthians 13) . Here is a bit more about some things that make my neurons fire more rapidly . . .

Favorites in no particular order

author: Thomas Watson and other puritans

teams: Liverpool FC, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, US Olympic

ride: my two runs down Innsbruck Bobsled track (see about page bottom)

preachers: Alistair Beg also John Piper

ancient preacher: John Chrysostom

exercise: rowing/sculling/erg-rowing

upscale restaurant: Saint Emilion, Fort Worth

downscale restaurant: Fuzzy Tacos, Baja Mexican/Taco H

rock music you’ve heard of: Ani Difranco, Radiohead, Alanis Morissette

music you might not have heard of: check out good listens section

jazzers: Avishai Cohen Trio

composers: Prokofiev, Shostakovich and other Russians,

classical piece: Sonata for Violin and Piano II: Lento (d.2 trck.2) (A. Copland)

futbol players: Fernando Torres, Landon Donovan, Steven Gerrard

guy who needs a beatdown: Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather


family: Piper and three kids (girl, boy, girl)

current calling: Pastor of Teaching, NorthWood Church (11 years)

past callings: worship and communications pastor NorthWood, leader of dropknee worship band, singles minister, college minister

other jobs: swimming coach, distance runners coach, triathlete (back when the knees were young), driving range golf ball picker-upper