Goodbye Lowa’s. May You Rest in Peace.

Twelve years ago, I entered into a relationship with the best pair of shoes I had ever owned. Today, they gave up their sole.

It was mere puppy love as I picked out my Lowa’s amid a myriad of other potential mates as I prepared for my first trip to Vietnam where we had a fairly wicked mountain hike in 90+ degrees and high humidity. I had no idea of what our future held. After our intense Vietnam date, I made like the Bachelor¬† and prematurely asked my first pair of shoes for their laces in marriage. It was a wonderful relationship. They kept my high arches in absolute comfort through rocky Texas walks, muddy Vietnam hikes and forested Washington journeys. They also provided me passionate podiatric attention through trips to searingly paved amusement parks, across the cobbled stones of European cities, and circling over grass clippings of the backyard.

Today, they breathed their last as I mulched leaves on a vacation day at home. I’ll admit it. My “allergies” acted up when I saw what had happened (much akin to the indoor, “No I am not sad, I was just cutting onions.”). So goodbye, my lovely Lowa’s. You shall be missed. And though I can get another pair of you at REI, no insoles shall ever caress my feet like you did. Dios te bendiga…

The Shoe Widower

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Jordan Fowler

Jordan helps small businesses grow as the owner of Moon & Owl Marketing, a marketing and advertising agency in Fort Worth, TX. Lover of cycling, track and field, and borderline Liverpool FC fanatic.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Lowa’s. May You Rest in Peace.”

  1. “I feel like a “heel”, but I cannot think of anything to say other than RIP!”

  2. They carry the brand at Free shipping and return shipping if the size is wrong. Could save you from having to travel to the evil of side of the metroplex.

  3. Dude NO! I’m so sorry… That’s it, I’m coming over to pray over them. Calling Benny right now. WE HAVE TO FIGHT!!!!!

  4. I feel honored to have walked a mile or two (or three or five or ten…) with them. RIP

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