An 8 Year Old Boy’s Thoughts On It’s A Wonderful Life

A conversation with my 8 year old son midway through It’s a Wonderful Life (my fave Christmas movie).

Corbin: Dad, are there any guns or stuff coming up in this movie?
Me: No Corbin.
Corbin: They are just walking around and around and talking and even kissing and everything is gray. This is a waste of my time.

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One thought on “An 8 Year Old Boy’s Thoughts On It’s A Wonderful Life”

  1. Actually Dak Lyons reminded me there is a gun scene via FB….

    Dak Lyons There is a gunfight scene, Bert shoots after George Bailey after he punches that guy in the bar…
    26 minutes ago ·
    Jordan Fowler Crud Dak. I forgot about that part. If I could have gotten to that part with Corbin in tow….
    12 minutes ago · Like

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