Raising Up Leaders Using the [Decision Space] Concept

I have said 51% of any leaders job is raising up other leaders. How do we do that? Use the [decision space] concept.

When we have a potential leader we need to create a space for them in which they are completely authorized and resourced to make a decision. At first that space will be incredibly small, even an “either this or that” option. For example, I might need something designed by a rookie designer. I can tell the them, here is the template and you are free to change this color or that one picture. Here are the resources you have available. I then tell them, “Here is why we do it this way.” This last statement is vital because it gets them to start thinking with values and purposes of the organization, more on this to come.

The next time I give them a project their [ – decision space – ] should grow. They should be given slightly broader boundaries to make decisions of what to do, when to do it, and how to apply their given resources, with me providing coaching and continuing to give the “why” behind it all. And so on and so on.

Soon they will have grown into a [- – – – decision space – – – – -] where they are making major decisions on what to do, when to do it and how many resources to bear, as they now start raising up new leaders under them by providing these new leaders small [decision space] and multiplying the process. You will rarely have to bang your ahead against the wall on their decisions because they understand why you make the decisions you do and were grown in leadership. Though they might not approach a solution exactly like you would (which is actually healthy), the result will line up with the overall vision because they understand the WHY of it all. Soon you will have a team of solid leaders.

How can you give every person under your leadership a bit more [decision space] this week?

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