The Most Effective Time for You to Tweet, Facebook, Blog or Email

Want the most effective times to Tweet, Facebook status update, blog or email to get the most responses? Here they are based on scientific research done by Dan Zarella.

These times apply for business social media and personal social media. They are empirically based versus conventional  wisdom.

  • Twitter Friday afternoons 3:30-4:00 pm for most ReTweets. (Runner-up Twitter choice: Wed or Thurs same time).
  • Facebook Saturday mornings from  9 -10 am for most Shares.
  • Blog Monday-Thursday mornings 6-7 am for most incoming links.
  • Blog Saturday mornings 9-10 am for most comments.
  • Email messages Saturdays 5-6 am in the mornings for most click through responses.

All times are EST, if you have a national following convert for your timezone (9 am EST converts to 8 am CST). If  you seek a regional following, simply post at the times listed above (9 am EST post at 9 am CST). Remember to change your wordpress blog from UTC time under General settings in your dashboard.

If these times seem inconvenient to you, use an app such as to schedule postings of your pre-written content. Notice I scheduled my Twitter and Facebook to share this at different times.

Of course, if everyone on the planet shifts to using these times things will change. But it will take a long time for evidenced based social media usage to overcome conventional wisdom. It always does.

This information was drawn from the fantastically valuable and scientifically precise brand new book by Dan Zarella Zarrella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness. Get it. Much more gold to be mined!

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