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I am offering without charge a  series of processes I have learned which will allow you to do a stellar life and career or ministry year end review (YER). Last year, we have had over 1,000 folks download this process which I first posted on the worshiptrench site. If you would do your own comprehensive review, you’ll need to calendar the following things now:

  1. Set aside a day outside the office late November/early December to do the personal assessment exercise sections of the process.
  2. Calendar a time to take 30 min or preferably an hour for every member of your ministry team to complete and return the participant evaluation exercise. (We prefer to do this in a group setting, as emailing them out gets you very few returns).
  3. Calendar a time to meet with your captains as individuals for their assessment of you and the ministry, and your assessment of them.
  4. Set aside an additional half-day for yourself after the individual assessments for mastery points exercise and personal goals tweaking. Calendar a group captain gathering to formalize 09 goals and agendas. I usually do a Friday night dinner at a nice restaurant to say thanks followed by a Saturday morning get together at my house.
  5. Find a time to vision cast reviews/goals 10 that are appropriate with all ministry participants.

You’ll need to start calendaring these dates now. I created these pdfs in 2008 so where you read 2008 simply replace it with 2010, etc. If you are not in ministry, simply replace the word ministry with department, division, company name, etc.

Here are the four processes:





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    the links for the YER tools aren’t working. are they available anywhere else?

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