Pastors, Stop Doing Weddings

Pastors, stop doing weddings. Instead launch marriages.

It is joked around here that my agreeing to do someone’s wedding is a bit brutal. I don’t apologize. At the ceremony, I  stand in front of God and say to all listening that I sanction the marriage by the power vested in me by Him (and the Great State of Texas but that is another post). That is not a statement I make lightly. It has adjusted my approach.

Two things influenced me formulating this view.

1. A trip to Abba Love Church in Indonesia where they have a rigorous process that must be completed before the church will allow a wedding. The singles there joke, “It is easier to get into heaven than get married at Abba Love.” Another single said, “It is the second most important decision in your life. Shouldn’t you take it seriously?”

2. People asking me to marry them that know me pastorally at NorthWood but not as deeply personally. I don’t know their story or life situations in detail all the time.

Here is the document. Steal it and hack it anyway you want as long as it is for your own ministry use.

Do me a favor, if you have problems accessing this pdf, leave me a comment telling me what OS and browser you are using.

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