Modernized Classic of Thomas Chalmers…Grab It.

The first modernized classic I have posted on this site. Thomas Chalmer’s The Expulsion of Sin By Means of a New Affection.

The Expulsion of Sin by a New Affection Thomas Chalmers-Modernized

Why you should read it? If you struggle with sin and wish you could stop or find yourself tired of chasing after things in this world . Chalmers offers a view that concentrating on your merely ridding yourself of sin is doomed for failure. Instead, receive and revel in the love of God. In this, sin will be displaced.

To read why I modernize, check this.

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2 thoughts on “Modernized Classic of Thomas Chalmers…Grab It.”

  1. Enjoyed reading something I would otherwise never have taken the time to understand. Thanks. And I did find myself reading both versions and began to appreciate Chalmers writing.

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