If You Are Small, Play Small-Ball

I see businesses (and churches) all the time that are small yet they try to play big ball (huge marketing campaigns, etc) when their strengths are relational community and viral word of mouth. It is okay to be who you are. Be a point guard. Exploit your nimbleness and lack of bureaucracy for quicker reactions and doing more intimate relationships than a 6’11” company would ever consider.

 Example: Offer a personal handwritten thank you card to every customer with a small appreciation gift included and 3 business cards for referral.

A great article on why you can play small ball and win.

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Jordan Fowler

Jordan helps small businesses grow as the owner of Moon & Owl Marketing, a marketing and advertising agency in Fort Worth, TX. Lover of cycling, track and field, and borderline Liverpool FC fanatic.

2 thoughts on “If You Are Small, Play Small-Ball”

  1. the question we ask our self here at our company is look bigger than we are or look smaller than we are. both have value the hand written note to some of our clients and future clients is huge others it is a huge down fall. good article post.

  2. I once heard a northcoast pastor say, “leaders like big, people prefer small.” they want big church or business offerings w/ intimacy of small business.

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