How You Can Hang Out With Your Favorite Player During the Game — Inclusive Marketing

Okay, technically not you. A photograph of you embedded in the number on their jersey, in this case, soccer jersey (Yahoo story). For around $25 you get your face embedded in your favorite players number on gameday. (Before you start calling all friends to watch to the game to see you, keep in mind that your face will be a whopping 2 cm x 2 cm). This new trend shows just how far people will go to be connected to their favorite sports brand. By their mug being placed on their favorite player’s shirt, they somehow gain a feeling of inclusion. Albeit, they avoid the agony of being cleated in a brutal, intentional red card take-down.

This poses an interesting question. How can your brand further harness its patrons’ desire to be included in a personal capacity? From the like button on Facebook, to more novel approaches, is there a way for your fans to place their personal imprint within your brand?

This seems to be a perpetual desire, as donors pay big bucks to universities to get their name emblazoned on a small brick on the walkway to the shrine (football stadium) of their alma mater.  There is something about our name or likeness being connected in some physical way to a brand we adore. I know that if Liverpool ever offers this, I’m on both Suarez and Reina’s kits. Be creative and think how you can create this positive connection for your brand fans.

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