Tartar Control and Confession. A Common Thread.

Tartar hides deep under our gums. Even after brushing it has to be dug out. When I know I have to go to the dentist I brush with extra diligence in the days approaching the appointment. And yet all this junk still comes out from under my gumline when the hygienist cleans with her instruments. Arrrgggghhhh! I thought I got that out.

I am learning that it is the same with confession and repentance. Sometimes I have to be really still for a long period and reflect to allow the Holy Spirit to scrape the recesses of my hearts. A cursory brushing won’t do.

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Jordan Fowler

Jordan helps small businesses grow as the owner of Moon & Owl Marketing, a marketing and advertising agency in Fort Worth, TX. Lover of cycling, track and field, and borderline Liverpool FC fanatic.

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