On Fences

Good fences make good neighbors, says the neighbor in Robert Frost’s Mending Wall (read it I beg you). But Frost questions that and I am beginning to, as well. Frost says there are no cows they are trying to contain, so what are they walling in or walling out?

A chance for us to “mend walls” happened to us recently as we had fence failure from wind on two fronts.

We are all chipping in to get the fence repaired. But part of me is sad about that. Since it has been down we have had more impromptu conversations with our neighbors than before. My back neighbors two little girls now just hop the gap and soon they are jumping joyfully on the trampoline with Landry. My side neighbor has strolled over several times to sit on the back porch and just sho0t the bull. Our dogs all get along splendidly. Maybe Frost was right. Maybe good fences don’t make good neighbors.

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