On Anticipating the Kingdom (of Disney)

Several weeks ago we informed our kids via homemade fortune cookies that we were going to Disney World, a first for all us. Upon reading that news and after overcoming some disbelief, spontaneous dancing and cheering erupted. My oldest is now reading the Unofficial Guide To Walt Disney World cover to cover, a huge tome of 860 pages. There are discussions of how we will pack, what it is like to fly on a plane, and how they will get their school makeup work done early. Piper and I are constantly hearing their thoughts of how joyous an occasion it will be. Our future trip to a magical kingdom is deeply affecting our lives in the present.

And then God spoke to me, “Why doesn’t my coming Kingdom affect you as deeply?” Touche’, Lord, Touche’.

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Jordan Fowler

Jordan helps small businesses grow as the owner of Moon & Owl Marketing, a marketing and advertising agency in Fort Worth, TX. Lover of cycling, track and field, and borderline Liverpool FC fanatic.

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  1. Hoooooraaaayyyyy!!!!!!! Oh boy! If you need any tips, we have a few. Of course, everyone knows R7 LOOOOOVESSS Disney World! It’s Aly’s most favorite place!

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