On 54″.

On our family vacation we went to Fiesta Texas because we have Six Flags season passes. Two days of fun for only $15 per day for parking . . . woohoo. (Thanks, Doug, for the free sleeping.) Landry Kate, my 7-year-old daredevil, eyed the large roller-coasters with envy as we walked the parking lot with the sound of screaming riders tickling our ears. Upon entering and looking at the park map, it was my unfortunate dad duty to inform Landry Kate that she didn’t qualify for the 54″ requirement on the biggest rides. She was very disappointed as she is used to riding almost every ride at Six Flags in Arlington, but managed to keep her emotions in check.

Day two featured a day in the Fiesta water park. Thank goodness all the thrill rides there had a 48″ limit. As we exited the park that day, we passed a baby perhaps a year-and-a-half old crying its lungs out. Landry Kate turned to Piper and exclaimed, “I’ll bet that baby is crying because he’s too short to ride big rides.” Classic.

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