Kindle Math

Is Kindle < new book case + [(regular book price โ€“ cheaper ebook price) ยท # books purchased yearly]

Is $189 < $120 + [($15 – $9)50 or more

Yes. Thus, I am loving using the Kindle I received as a Christmas present. Even if I would not have received one, I would have purchased it because it makes economic sense (see above). I am liking it so far for fiction. My eyes got used to reading on it in about 3 minutes. Still awaiting whether I will love it as much for reading my stuff for teaching and sermon prep as I have certain pictorial margin codes that will not be able to be made on the Kindle. The books that become “Jordan classics” I will still probably buy and mark up. If you were Kindle skeptical, I advise you to borrow someone’s and try it.

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  1. You can. Because I know you’ll be careful with it and treat it like your fave book.

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