Creative Cover Letter Gets Results

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The job market is still tough. You must do something to break through the drudgery a hiring manager is experiencing as he goes through cover letter after bland cover letter. (Trust me, I just read through 80 resumes for a position we needed filled).

My recent job landing came through unique efforts and opportunities. It all started with my creative cover letter.

I was determined to have a unique, humorous approach to my job search. I started a temporary Facebook account in which I loaded in the content I wanted, did a screen capture. I then edited the screen capture with Photoshop mock-up of a Facebook wall and used humorous status updates that reflected the true value I could bring as employee. After converting this to a pdf, I then attached this creative cover letter to my traditional cover letter, and my resume and began launching it out. I made sure the title on the pdf file of the creative cover letter had a catchy title. I experimented with different titles including Whacky Cover Letter, Unorthodox Cover Letter, Funny Cover Letter, Facebook Cover Letter,etc. on different launches.

The Results

I had for some time sent out a serious cover letter and resume into the black hole of Five days after creating the cover letter, I, on a whim, decided to check craigslist for some freelance copywriting opportunities. I came across the opportunity for a social media manager position at a mid-cities public relations agency. I shot my creative cover letter out on a Saturday¬† morning and within 15 minutes had a call back from the company COO. He asked if I could come into their boutique public relations firm for an interview for their social media manager position. During the interview, it didn’t take long for me and the COO to realize I was a “wee bit” overqualified for the position. As we ended our interview, the COO mentioned that he felt for some reason, I really needed to meet his wife, the company CEO. Two days later that meeting happened, and she led off the conversation saying the creativity visible in the cover letter compelled her to meet with me. Her staff had vetted me and she was impressed. I was made an offer on the spot to become Senior Account Executive.

Lessons to draw upon.

Be creative. Do something to set yourself apart. Consider an add-on to your traditional cover letter.

Be willing to use atypical channels (yes, craiglist even).

Don’t fall into the myth that you have to know someone within the company. While it does help, it isn’t always necessary. I had absolutely no connections to anyone within the public relations firm.

Keep up your hope with hope (help one person everyday while you job searching).

Take the interview even if it is a company you’d like to work with but not the exact position you desire. On the other hand, if it is the exact position you want but in a company you’d never want to work for, skip it, unless you merely want to practice interviewing. Get in the door of your preferred companies or businesses, shine in the interview, and trust God with the details.

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Jordan Fowler

Jordan helps small businesses grow as the owner of Moon & Owl Marketing, a marketing and advertising agency in Fort Worth, TX. Lover of cycling, track and field, and borderline Liverpool FC fanatic.

7 thoughts on “Creative Cover Letter Gets Results”

  1. Thanks for sharing your creative approach to the process of job hunting.I’m sure this also rejuvenated your morale while doing this. Would probably make an interesting case study article for a PR or HR trade. Congrats!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this article- must start thinking about the creative tool I’d like to represent me..

  3. Most impressive. It certainly has my creative juices fired up (as well as re-thinking my stand on plagarism). Could you possibly give just a little more detail on how you created the page? For instance, did Barbra Streisand really sign on as a Friend, or was that part of the creative PhotoShopping you referred to.

  4. Thanks. No, I couldn’t quite convince Barb to friend me, ha! It is all photoshop. I switched a ton of the copy in photoshop using Tahoma font and the eyedropper tool to grab the exact colors. I DID enter a ton of these status updates but then whited out the date and time as they were all 3 minutes apart. After I created the basic mockup page, I used it as the background/bottom layer of photoshop and simply placed the pic of Barb et al. over the regular friends I had friended. I also created the ads customized on the right side of the page at the exact dimensions of typical FB ad. So status foundations are real and everything else is pretty much PS.

  5. Thank you for this awesome. I’ve been seeking a position within HR for quite some time. Do you think this is conducive to such a field?

  6. KP, I think it totally depends on the company or agency. Some will be very corporate and high brow. Others will be more kitschy and love something like this. Obviously, I was job hunting in the marketing/advertising sector where this proved to be highly beneficial. Another concept that might work is an info graphic cover letter. That would be cool to try as well.

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