AT&T U-verse, Fox Soccer & Setanta. EPL.

Dear AT&T U-verse:

I just subscribed to your U-verse U200 primarly to get English Premier League Soccer (football in England). I did this by subscribing to your premium Setanta channel for an additional $15 a month. Now only two weeks in, I read that Setanta is going away and something called the Fox Soccer Plus is coming on March 1. I realize you are not behind these changes of venue. I get it. However, when I look to see how to get this via my U-verse, all I get is a black hole of communication. So I am going to call you and ask….hopefully you can still be my TV provider.

Okay. Nice AT&T Tech Lady told me that if I cancel Setanta ($15) and upgrade to U300 ($15, thus a wash) I would receive the Fox Soccer Network (soon to be in HD?) and the Fox Soccer Plus when they add it next month or two. This would be the best of news and makes me want to kiss AT&T U-verse full on the mouth. I pray you are right, Ms. Nice Tech Lady. If so, we’ll live in bliss. If not, a TV divorce might be happening.

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5 thoughts on “AT&T U-verse, Fox Soccer & Setanta. EPL.”

  1. I hope your news was better than ours. U-verse do not have an agreemetn with Fox Soccer Plus and do not know if/when they will. So good-bye English playoffs. We were even directed to call DirectTV to switch, by the U-Verse customer service rep!

  2. I am going to give AT&T until end of May/2010 and if no action on adding FSC PLUS i am switching to Verizone,I control 5 accunts.

  3. did ATT uverse ever get Fox Soccer Plus?
    don’t see anything about it on their Web site.

  4. you get fox soccer (regular, not plus) on their 200 channel. that has been nice that they don’t make me get some kind of super package for that. thanks at&t.

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