God’s Empowering Presence Review

God’s Empowering Presence by Gordon Fee

Why I read it? This is a reference book on every passage in the Pauline Epistle’s dealing with the Holy Spirit. I was using it for sermon prep this week and decided to post it here. Fee is both a charismatic and a respected New Testament scholar. Thus, you get an extremely balanced and grounded Scriptural treatment of the Holy Spirit by someone who believes the Holy Spirit is alive and kicking.

Why should you read it? If you have wanted a comprehensive (note 967 pages) view of the Holy Spirit from a balanced position, this is your book.  The book is organized by Scripture reference which makes it super easy to find that for which you are looking. If you are brave enough to read it cover to cover, you would have incredible insight on the oft misunderstood person of the Trinity. A daring attempt would be to read through the Epistles in 2011 to gain an deeper understanding and experience of the Spirit with this book as a sidekick.

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