Fueling for a 12 Hour Time Trial

Here is the nutrition for the 12 Hour Time Trial cycling race. I should burn between 7,000-8,000 calories. I also need to be putting in approximately 75 grams of carbs per hour.

I divide everything into 25 grams of carbohydrates units. Then simple eat three units per hour.

So what is the fuel of choice…

Ultra cycling fueling

1. Hammer Gels

Cinnamon Apple and Vanilla to alternate. I will probably be putting two of these down every 1.5 hours for 50 Carbs. The MAIN fuel I use.

2.  Cliff Bars

Mixed flavors. 1/2 a bar is a unit of 25 carbs.

3. Bean Burritos

After a while, sugary foods lose their appeal and I need a taste break and protein. Slap some refried beans and cheese between a flour tortilla. I eat these during the 5 or 10 minute breaks I take.

4. Coke

Mini-cans of Coca Cola for towards the end of the race for sugar push and/or if I get stomach issues during race I can slow and shift to this.

5. Hammer Endurolytes

Electrolytes and salts to prevent cramping. I take two per hour.  Good stuff that I swear by.

6. Advil

I take two before the race. Two more at 3, 6, and 9 hours.

7. Jet Caffeine Pills

Caffeine is a proven supplement for endurance performance. These come in 100mg variety (rather than traditional 200) so I can take them more often for an even burn.

8. Gatorade

I’ve tried all the fancier sports drinks and I keep coming back to the ol’ skool standard. Alternate orange and citrus. Occasionally, I mix some Hammer Perpeteum in but I have to keep the mix low or I get stomach distress.

9. Water

Good old fashioned bottled water. Whatever brand is cheapest on the day I buy it. A bottle per hour with ice in my insulated cycling bottles.

10. Peanut Butter and Jelly on White Bread

Normally I don’t eat white bread but in the race it burns quicker, which is what I need.

11. Cashews

Some salt, and non-sweet fats and proteins. BOOM!

12. Salty Snacks

Pretzels and sweet potato chips. Again, for relief from the sweet gels that are the main staple.

It’s easier for me to eat if it’s cooler. Above 80ºF, and I have to start really focusing on making myself eat. If it’s under 70ºF, consequently I have to increase my focus on drinking.

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