The Cliff Lee Question: All In No Matter What?

So it looks like the Rangers might have to roll out $23 million a year over 7 years to keep Cliff Lee. Here are my questions Ranger fans:

  • Are you all in for that amount with the thought that “now is the time to grab the bull by the horns” because the magic is currently here and I am willing to go all in for a single World Series win even if it means for the last 4 years of his contract we are hamstrung financially and thus non-competitive?
  • Or would you rather pass and have a chance to be at the table at least more consistently every year for the next 7 (if that is even in a Ranger’s fan’s reality)?
  • Or would winning a single World Series or two give you enough of an income boost to overcome that ridiculous amount of money and the fact that his arm will be like a rag doll the last couple of years of that contract?


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2 thoughts on “The Cliff Lee Question: All In No Matter What?”

  1. Well, not fare for me to answer as I am truly of the evil empire, The New York Yankees. But I am having a hard time absorbing 6 or 7 years for what may be 4-5 years at best. Baseball has gone crazy, and as a Yankee fan, we may be a part of the issue.

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