Occupy Movement Action Plan

I have finally met an Occupy Movement (OWS) person who desires to see an action plan occur. His comment to me:

. . .unfortunately you need to think about who would be passing those laws. The people who they affect the most. I don’t think there’s any way in hell that any of those laws would get passed by the current members in Congress. That’s one reason I can see for not even bothering dealing with specific goals. Why set a goal if there’s no chance of it getting passed?

This young man just created an Occupy Movement actionable step. Finally!

Recruit, enlist and promote a potential congressional candidate who would represent Occupy values.

So some of you should pack up your tents and get busy at this.

(Disclaimer: This is solely generic movement development advice. It does not imply that I, Jordan P. Fowler, or jordanpfowler consulting does or does not endorse any actions or values of the Occupy Movement. This advise was provided in a purely advisory role and the aforementioned parties cannot be held liable if it succeeds and results in the demolition of every corporation known to mankind. Nor can the aforementioned parties be held liable if the Occupy Movement takes this advice and their bid for congressional seats fails. Just covering my assets).

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