A Single Question for The Occupy Movement

I understand what The Occupy Movement is against. I am all for civil dialogue in the public square. Os Guinness has influenced me heavily in this area. But I continue to ask this question (for months) with no answer:

What are the actionable steps the Occupy Movement desires to see going forward?

This is the type answer I consistently receive:

That’s the problem, there isn’t really a solution… short of pulling the world’s longest thread on the giant sweater that is our corrupt government and economy. And that will never happen.

Unless you want to throw violent revolution into the mix, which I don’t think most of us do, I think the best course of action is loud, visible, but non-violent anger. Take to the streets, make voices heard, and sure… block traders from getting to the NYSE. I won’t argue with that.

I also understand that the disruption of the current system you desire to see ended is part of the deconstruction process you desire. However, my contention is

Disruption without Construction = Destruction.

Rather than only telling me what you are against, tell me what you are for! Otherwise, the current system would be deconstructed with what in its place? Chaos? Anarchy? Put together some sort of 9-9-9 Plan of the Occupy Movement. A clear, actionable way forward. It is as this point that those who see you merely as a modern manifestation of angry, disgruntled youth would at least be open to considering you as a viable solution provider. So who will undertake this from the Movement? Put forward your best and brightest in this effort.

I am always open to listen to any point of view and engage in civil dialogue, but I ask you to come to that conversation with a way forward, not merely a disruption and destruction of the current.

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