30 for 30: Pony Excess and Dale Hansen

Watched a great ESPN program in their 30 for 30 series called Pony Excess. As a kid, I remember walking into the great open roofed shrine to watch the Mr. Peppermint clad band, the wealthy parents and boosters (seated much lower than me), and most importantly the galloping duo of James and Dickerson.  S.M.U. looked unstoppable and Mustang fever was pervasive. Then it all came crashing down. Trouble began and by my senior year in High School, the newly initiated “death penalty”  got dropped on them.

So what is clanging around in my head after watching it? I would love to sit down with Dale Hansen. At the time, I wasn’t aware that he was so key to the unfolding story though my family was and I still am a faithful WFAA news watcher. Hansen busted the secrets of S.M.U wide open when he interviewed a disgruntled player who had been paid by the boosters with official knowledge of the payments by the administration. What was it like for him from the time he found out that he had the interview of a lifetime? Was he excited to be in the middle of such a huge story? Was he fearful? Did he get any threats? Was he saddened to have to report such news as surely he was aware it would cause havoc? Watching the short shot of his face that they gave during the press conference with the NCAA official announcing the death penalty, it was hard to read what he was thinking.

So Dale, if you are available, I’ll be happy to take you out to lunch and we can talk all this over. Or you can just leave a comment as I am sure you are a reader of my blog.

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