Announcing A Down Syndrome Awareness T-shirt Client


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DG21 ScreenShot founder, Nigel Barnard, contacted Moon and Owl for strategic marketing and web development help. Nigel was launching a business that offers Down Syndrome Awareness branded t-shirts and apparel which are thought provoking, humorous, and empowering. He needed an e-commerce site up within two weeks in order to be ready for exhibit booth the Buddy Walk. (No small task, especially when product wasn’t expected to arrive until just before the event).

We engaged in the task immediately. Through this efficient partnership, we were able to hand Nigel the keys to his site before the event, hitting our two week deadline and delivering a quality site.

We also developed his social media platforms including a Facebook page and custom skinned Twitter page. jordanpfowler consulting also set up our client’s hootsuite site for easy social media management. In the coming days, we will skin a landing page on Designer Genes 21’s Facebook page, allowing contests and other applications to be utilized. Promotional plans also include activating a blog that is CSS ready for content and e-newsletters.

Nigel’s story of his experience with Down Syndrome is compelling and his company gives back blessings to other children with Down Syndrome through scholarships to the Kinderfrogs program at TCU. We hope you take the time to peruse his shirts. My favorite is the the R-Word shirt.

Thank you Nigel for trusting us with this life dream. We are proud to be a part.

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