Brian Blade: A Great Listener

The best musicians, in my opinion, are the ones that can listen and respond the best. Yes, a drummer can bash away at 2 and 4 like a metronome, but there is an added layer when they really listen to other players around them and respond/react.

Drummer Brian Blade is perhaps one of the best at this. You can hear him listen and respond in each of the pieces below.

And this one.

Super tasteful. Super musical. So good!

I need to apply this to listening to others in life, as well.

Avishai Cohen Trio: Jazz for Bass and Groove Lovers

Style: Jazz

Why you should listen. Enough rock sensibilities that non-jazz heads will dig the grooves. A little prog/new jazz but no hints of the blah-ness of smooth jazz. If you are a fan of smoking bass playing, not many guys lay it down like this guy. Now if he’d only play Dallas area. Click here to listen on itunes. Suggest starting with Caravan.